Citations Antiques

Date 2016-2019
Category Cultural site
Services Branding, Web design, Web development (Silex), Editorial content

Founded in 2013, Citations Antiques is a cultural site whose purpose is the publication of quotes from ancient writers. Based on its success, we took action in March 2016 to plan a second version.

The project was to recreate the site from scratch. So we started by modernizing the famous logo mixing antique laurel wreath and quotation marks. Then, we have developed a modern design with which the ubiquitous text will be put forward without seeming “oppressive”.

We also rejected the idea of a CMS and we relied on the Symfony framework to develop a flexible site on which it would be possible to add major features at any time.

Since then, site traffic has tripled and we are adding new features frequently.


Text Typeface — Oxygen

Text Typeface — Libre Baskerville

Web color palette — Brand Primary

Web design

Web design — Responsive