Date 2018
Category Fashion & Textile
Services Branding, Web design, Photography, Editorial content, Translation

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Jemtex, a high-end textile company, we worked on the creation of a new site.

The main objective was to highlight the values, history and high-end placement of Jemtex.

We started by modernizing the existing logo without touching the iconic typography. Before developing the site using the Symfony framework, we created a sleek modern design, in line with the new graphic charter established beforehand. The essential information had to be accessible, without superfluous, from the homepage.

We have written a long article that traces the history of Haute Couture and recalls the positioning of the company. We also showcased the brand’s most famous fabrics (silk and French lace) through a series of studio photographs.

Finally, we translated all the texts into English and Russian in order to make the site accessible to the international clientele of the company.


Text Typeface — Montserrat

Text Typeface — Playfair Display

Web color palette — Brand Primary

Web design