Date 2019
Category Cultural Site & Specialized Media
Services Branding, Web design, Web development (WordPress), Print, Editorial content

Edited and developed by the agency, Passéisme is a cultural magazine dedicated to old drawings, letters and autograph manuscripts.

In a field where design and interface are often neglected, we decided to create a logo and design based on a modern graphic charter.

The logo combines the “P” of Passéisme and a metal writing pen. For the design, the goal was to recall the format of a letter with an all-height site on which the information of the homepage scroll horizontally, like the lines of a letter. A big place is also given to the illustrations.

For content management, we integrated WordPress and developed, on this occasion, two extensions tailored to the needs of the site.

Finally, we designed and printed a booklet devoted to the preservation of ancient documents. These leaflets are available in specialized fairs, partners of Passéisme.


Text Typeface — Roboto

Text Typeface — Playfair Display

Web color palette — Brand Primary

Web design